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Plus Five Consulting is no longer in operation

Plus Five Consulting was a private security consulting service offered by Robert W. Baldwin. We sadly lost Bob in August 2007. He dedicated his life to software security and the protection of users of the internet. This site is maintained in his honor.

Plus Five Consulting helps companies quickly add valuable security features to their products. We also perform security assessments to help your product meet the needs of global companies, major studios and music publishers. We have greatly reduced the time that several clients spent passing the rigorous FIPS-140-2 validation process at levels 1, 2 and 3. Our goal is to quickly give your products a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

Plus Five Consulting has helped numerous clients ranging from start-ups to multi-nationals and has expertise in many markets including Wireless, Handhelds, Content Distribution, Databases, Operating Systems, and Network Appliances.

  Plus Five Consulting supports you in many ways, including:

Engineering Support
Plus Five will review your current software designs - from one specific feature to your entire product line; will recommend improvements; or will architect, design, and implement security features into your product from the ground up.

FIPS-140 Validation Support
We minimize the schedule and resource impact of FIPS-140 validation by assisting in design, writing the required documents and arguing on your behalf.

Product Marketing Support
We will help you carefully select features to be included in your Product Marketing roadmap to optimize your Return on Investment and achieve your Marketing goals.

Business Development Support
Plus Five will assist you in your build versus buy decisions, including providing technical due diligence on technology acquisitions.

Legal Support
We will help you to create intellectual property by converting your product designs into patents. Plus Five will also find prior art to proactively avoid patent litigation, or to defend your company against a specific lawsuit.
Past projects that Plus Five Consulting has completed for its customers, so that they can meet the needs of their customers, include:

Helped Digital Cinema Initiative securely deliver digital movies to theaters by designing the security architecture, X.509 certificate details, XML Key Delivery Messages (built on top of XML Encryption and XML Signature standards), and Secure Intra-Theatre Messaging.

Provided formal security review of digital TV satellite receiver box to help meet the security requirements of a major Hollywood studio.

Selected and designed security features for PDA OS to gain competitive advantage in the enterprise market. Created security road map. Designed small, fast, cryptographic library and protocol formats tailored to wireless e-mail application. Enhanced government sales by quickly complete a FIPS-140 evaluation of the cryptographic library.

Designed BIOS-level services for virtual smart cards. Architected products to provide strong user authentication, DRM, and software licensing. Wrote marketing whitepaper and reviewed collateral.

Performed security analysis of product line for database application development platform. Recommended and implemented product enhancements.

Created eight patents for multimedia content distribution system.

Analyzed cryptographic algorithm for the UN Atomic Energy Agency.

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