Plus Five Consulting, Inc.(no longer in operation)



Plus Five Consulting was a private security consulting service offered by Robert W. Baldwin. We sadly lost Bob in August of 2007. He dedicated his life to software security and the protection users of the internet. This site is maintained in his honor.

The following services were provided:

Company FIPS-140-2 Certification: Accelerate process and reduce engineering modifications required to open the government and financial markets.

Product Security Features: Ascertain market requirements and architect your product road map to achieve market leadership with products that maximize both security and ease of use.

Technology Assessments: Provide decision support for technology acquisitions, corporate investments, and Engineering's make versus buy dilemmas.

Wireless Devices: Ensure secure provisioning for product throughout its lifecycle.

Security Standards: Ensure that your products effectively conform to industry security standards achieving interoperability and adoption by the enterprise.

PKI (X.509): Design transparent and easy to use architectures.

SSL/TLS, WTLS: Provide rapid integration incorporating high performance and minimizing footprint.

VPN, IPSec: Architect, design and optimize security features and trust models to simplify your product's integration into the enterprise.

Embedded Devices: Assess, design and implement cryptographic security for tiny devices such as electronic locks, pagers and PDAs.

OpenSSL: Enable rapid development of certificate authorities (CA), session security, file encryption and cryptographic libraries.

Application Security: Analyze products such as Application-Level Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention and Intrusion Detection to maximize protection against upper-layer attacks (HTML, XML, SOAP and SQL).

Cryptographic Algorithms: Analyze and improve algorithms for maximum security while conforming to tough design constraints.

Cryptographic Protocols & Formats: Design and analyze protocols and data formats to meet product requirements.

License Management: Design and improve cryptographic implementations for secure software distribution and control.

Reverse Engineering: Improve product resistance to minimize the lost revenue from unauthorized use of your products and services.

Software Engineering and Training: Provide secure high quality implementations for your critical software and training to help your engineers maintain the high level of quality.

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